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Hello world!

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Other Stuff

Developer Developer Developer !! .. a somewhat funny man from Redmond once said at a conference. Yeah, the world revolves around geeks and we should be proud to be one. We dream & create what masses consume. Ok, enough of the senseless ego talk !

The point is .. we should feel guilty as hardcore developers and all-round geeks to simply consume. Be it media or knowledge. Let’s try to give back to the vast ocean of knowledge & let the information flow through our veins! Oh .. there goes the drama again. So, here it is world .. I am going to try to give back more than my usual 140 character blasts; I will pen my thoughts and share little ripples of coding experiences. Hope you don’t get bored..



My past blog site was here ( and hosted by my company. While it was working out alright, I would invariably need more space/flexibility & with time, moving content would be a bigger pain. So, this would be the new home for my musings. In case you wonder how I had so much brain-spark & thoughts to pen down so many posts during March 2011, let me assure you that I am rather humble in how much I can contribute & the time I can spare to write. I am simply bringing over previous posts in one swoop !