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Windows 8 from 30,000 ft ..

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Speaking, Windows 8
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Hopefully by now, most techies who follow MSFT keenly have had a chance to learn about Windows 8. BUILD Conference launched the pre-beta version of Windows 8, along with the developer tools that helps us build touch-centric Metro apps for Windows 8. There is obviously much to digest & learn .. these are the two best places to start:

To keep up with the hype, I decided to do a 20-25 min grok talk at our September Central Ohio .NET User Group [CONDG] meeting; details here. I believe we had an enthusiastic session with lot of audience interest in what’s new in Windows 8 and hope that folks enjoyed my little high-level overview. The slides for the talk can be found here. With Jeff Blankenburg (@jeffblankenburg) doing his brilliant “What’s new in Windows Phone Mango” session & me talking about Windows 8, there was no dearth of Metro UI love for the evening🙂

If you attended the CONDG meeting, I would appreciate feedback. So, why is this Windows 8 stuff important? No, it is not another ecosystem that we are being asked to fill up with apps; it is WINDOWS!! And yes, that means 400 million PC users as potential customers when they eventually switch to Windows 8. And that, my developer friend, is opportunity! So, what are you building?