Following are a few Windows Phone & Windows 8 Metro applications that your’s truly has had his hands in. They are all pretty simple apps, & most importantly – FREE! Please check them out & feel free to provide honest feedback.

Personal Apps:


The M3 Conference a very unique event that sets itself apart from other conferences by focusing on not just one, but all aspects of the mobile development industry. The goal of the conference is to provide education and networking opportunities for the professional community focused around development, design, promotion and the business of the mobile industry.

This is your Windows Phone conference companion! Slice & dice conference catalog, Work in connected/offline modes, Pin your favorite track as Live Tile and just have fun. Enjoy M3 Conf!


ShopTillYouDrop is a simple, yet versatile shopping list application. Some features are:

Version 1.0: For Windows Phone 7.0
– Maintain 1 present Shopping List
– Use quick check-offs while shopping
– Email/SMS shopping list with/without checked items
– Add items quickly to Shopping List, either new or picked from Favorites
– Suggestion feature while typing to find matching items from Favorites
– Manage Favorites for rapid data entry through remembered items

Version 2.0: For Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)
– All of the above
– Maintain multiple Shopping Lists
– Share & maintain Favorites
– Pin each Shopping List for Live Tile
– Improved quantity entry for items
– Set/Manage purchase Reminders
– Easy feedback

Version 2.1: For Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)
– All of the above
– Added App Connect or Search Extensibility with Bing
– Easier addition of Shopping List Items

PS: Users should be able to Edit/Delete Shopping List metadata by doing Tap & Hold; Reminders may be Deleted the same way!

Sogeti Apps:

The Sogeti MSFT Mobility Practice is a vibrant group of ‘Metro’ developers & designers, who are very passionate about Windows Phone & Windows 8 Metro ecosystems. Following are few apps that our zealous developers put together. Big thank you to all of them as we put out more Windows Phone apps under the Sogeti banner & LOB Metro apps for enterprises.

LOB Metro Apps!

The above are few of the LOB Windows 8 POC Metro applications that we have had the privilege of developing. Can’t say no more .. NDAs!

Sogeti Hub!

The Sogeti Hub is a resource center that puts your finger on the pulse of the company with information about how Sogeti works, the phenomenal work we do for our clients and what’s in it for you to become a part of the Sogeti Team. You may learn about all the Sogeti US Unit locations with live weather, contact info & map directions to any Unit. We’re plugged in; so check us out on Social feeds with Twitter, Facebook or RSS news. Sogetians may use their credentials to get to confidential information; while a Puzzle serves to kill your spare time.


It’s Hammer Time! Come to the StirTrek Conference in Columbus to hear from industry leaders on various technology topics. This app puts all the conference information at your fingertips! We slice & dice data to give you various looks & filters to lookup sessions, speakers, tracks & timeslots. You will also find information on sponsors, Thor & StirTrek organization, along with Twitter integration & Bing maps directions to get you to the venue. Enjoy!

Sogeti Battlecards!

The Sogeti Battlecard application has been created to put information about Sogeti at your fingertips. It should empower you with precise and accurate information on Sogeti’s Services, Practices & Solution offerings, allowing you to have more meaningful conversations with clients, better recognize opportunities and clearly communicate the value we provide.

Please note: This is meant to be an internal application for Sogetians and requires a passcode for activation.


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