I enjoy live streaming on Twitch – writing code, learning from others while they write code and talking to passionate folks. Yes, streaming setups and the non-stop pursuit to improve production quality takes work, but the online developer community makes everything worth it.

Come hang out with me @ – a team channel bringing you tons of tech and awesome folks.

.NET Dev Show

Thursday streams are all about developer productivity within the .NET ecosystem – tinkering with modern products/frameworks and exploring latest tooling with wonderful guests.

The ChatShow

Fridays are for interviews with amazing folks, coworkers & rockstars in the developer community – casual conversations about life, career & technology.

Unity Tuesdays

Tuesday streams are all about Unity game development with C#. I learn the basics, often hilariously painfully. Pro developers then take over to build a custom social VR experience for conference networking.

Sitefinity Mondays

Monday streams are all about CMS and building modern web apps.

Let’s build something together.