Recap on MVC3 & WebMatrix Sessions

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Developer Community, Web

This has been an exciting start of the year for web developers. Several products were launched for the Microsoft Web technology stack .. very cool & exciting ways to do the web better. Check out this post from the Gu (here) on a recap of all the new products launched & also for some hands-on.

So, about two weeks back, I did a couple of sessions for my Sogeti colleagues & client on what’s new in ASP.NET MVC3 & WebMatrix. There was great audience participation during the demos, indicating how nice & fun web development is shaping up to be with the MVC paradigm and the new tools.

We covered topics as follows:

  • State of the ASP.NET world
  • MVC3 Intro
  • Razor View Engine & its syntax
  • What’s new in Models, Views & Controllers
  • ViewBag & HTML Helpers
  • Layouts & convention over configuration
  • Action Filters & Caching
  • Server, client & remote validations
  • Unobstrusive Javascript
  • Nugets
  • Introduction to WebMatrix & uses
  • Templates & Open Source integration
  • SEO & ease of publishing
  • Blogging with social media integration

The slide-deck is available (here). Also, MIX11 happened last week where several exciting enhancements were released for the next web. Most noticeable among them being the IE10 preview, HTML5 goodness & EF .. topics for some other day may be.



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