Recap on MVC3 & WebMatrix Sessions

This has been an exciting start of the year for web developers. Several products were launched for the Microsoft Web technology stack .. very cool & exciting ways to do the web better. Check out this post from the Gu (here) on a recap of all the new products launched & also for some hands-on.

So, about two weeks back, I did a couple of sessions for my Sogeti colleagues & client on what’s new in ASP.NET MVC3 & WebMatrix. There was great audience participation during the demos, indicating how nice & fun web development is shaping up to be with the MVC paradigm and the new tools.

We covered topics as follows:

  • State of the ASP.NET world
  • MVC3 Intro
  • Razor View Engine & its syntax
  • What’s new in Models, Views & Controllers
  • ViewBag & HTML Helpers
  • Layouts & convention over configuration
  • Action Filters & Caching
  • Server, client & remote validations
  • Unobstrusive Javascript
  • Nugets
  • Introduction to WebMatrix & uses
  • Templates & Open Source integration
  • SEO & ease of publishing
  • Blogging with social media integration

The slide-deck is available (here). Also, MIX11 happened last week where several exciting enhancements were released for the next web. Most noticeable among them being the IE10 preview, HTML5 goodness & EF .. topics for some other day may be.



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