Azure Services connecting Windows Phone to Data

With my first article (here) with SilverlightShow (@silverlightshow) being well-accepted, I was encouraged to write some more. A second article was just published, which dabbled around the broad subject of Windows Phone applications leveraging Azure. It can be seen as a natural continuation of the first; but in this article, we talk about using WCF Services hosted in Windows Azure, instead of using OData feeds. This way, we get to empower our Mobile applications with remote data connectivity and have fine-grained control over security & operations supported through a universally-accessible Service. You may find the article here:

Azure Services connecting Windows Phone to Data

Please feel free to leave me some feedback. Thanks to SilverlightShow for publishing my article & to you for reading.



5 thoughts on “Azure Services connecting Windows Phone to Data

  1. Stuart says:

    Excellent article Samidip, it was very informative and helpful. However I have a problem.

    I can run the phone application and it reads the patient data from the azure database. Whenever I try to add a new name and condition, it say its ‘saved to the cloud’ but this is not the case, when I check the database there is no new data in it. Any clues or ideas?

    • Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for the comment and glad you found the article helpful.

      Now, about the Azure DB .. are you running the code that’s attached to the article without any changes? What are the connection string settings for the Azure DB? Ideally you should change the connection settings to a similar DB that you have in SQL Server or Azure. This way, you will have the admin credentials to look inside the DB table for record inserts/updates.

      Lemme know. Thanks!

  2. Stuart says:

    Hi Samidip,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I downloaded the source code and added in a service reference for the .svc stored on my azure account. When I run the app I can successfully retrieve the data from the database but its the saving part that does not seem to work. The app says it has saved to the cloud but when I check the database none of the data has been saved.

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