Windows Phone Execution Model

I guest-blogged on Jeff Blankenburg’s (@jeffblankenburg) famed “31 Days of Mango” series on Windows Phone Mango development. The home for the article series is here.

Let’s just agree – our smartphones are pretty smart these days. But all the emails, social integration, games & applications do take a toll on the smartphone’s comparatively tiny processing system & memory, but more importantly battery life. It is thus crucial for any mobile OS & third-party applications to be very responsible in optimizing the use of resources in a smartphone, so as to provide the most fluid, responsive, yet lasting user experience. This is where Execution Models come into play & it becomes important to understand the various states/events during an application’s lifecycle. In this article, we talk about what the Execution Model looks like for Windows Phone & what has changed in the Mango release for consumers/developers.

Full article with code samples, screenshots & downloadable code over at Jeff’s blog HERE.



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