Windows Phone + SignalR = Awesome Possibilities!

I guest-blogged for SilverlightShow recently:

Windows Phone + SignalR combo in action!

Real-time communication. Many software applications on variety of platforms & form factors have a genuine need for it. But persistent networks, real-time connectivity & asynchrony continue to challenge us developers in building such applications. Is there a silver lining? Could we have near-real-time communication in our mobile apps? Imagine the possibilities.

SignalR is an async persistent connection library for client-server communication that aids in building real-time, multi-user connected applications across multiple platforms. In this article, we take a quick deep dive into SignalR usage and how to leverage this technology from a Windows Phone application. Real-time communication with a backend server on a personal device like the Windows Phone has potentially tons of ways to apply SignalR in Apps.

Full article with screenshots, code samples & downloadable source code can be found HERE.

All the other great SilverlightShow content on Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone, Windows 8 & other related technologies can be found at Cheers!



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