Windows 8 Apps: The 8 Must-Know Tricks!

Windows 8 RTMs tomorrow – Aug 15th. This is big & should be awesome! Having had the opportunity to work on some Windows 8 applications with some brilliant internal developers/designers, I have learnt a lot in the past few months. So, wanting to give a little back, I started writing an article series on SilverlightShow on real-world development tips & tricks towards writing Windows 8 applications. 8 must-know developers tips in 8 days – simple & to the point, with some code examples on XAML/C# stack. Here’s the indexed list for the series:

Day 1: Know the ecosystem; Start
Day 2: Layout, Navigation & Visual States
Day 3: Semantic Zoom
Day 4: Controls & Styling
Day 5: Search, Share & Settings Contracts
Day 6: Data Persistence & Application Life-Cycle Management
Day 7: Use of OData or Web Services
Day 8: Live Services integration

If you are writing applications for Windows 8 or you are on the fence, please check out the series above for tips on how to quickly get started towards building Windows 8 Apps which feel right at home in the OS. And please leave me feedback!

As always, check out the other great content on to suit your development needs.



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