Light Up Mac Apps with Xamarin.Forms


The promise of Xamarin.Forms has been undeniable for developers – write apps in C#/XAML and reach a variety of platforms. Xamarin democratizes mobile development for .NET developers with two huge wins – reuse existing skills and build apps for popular mobile platforms. And you can light up your Xamarin mobile apps with polished performant UI controls with Telerik UI for Xamarin – you should try it.

But mobile isn’t everything, Could Xamarin.Form’s reach be stretched to other platforms? Turns out, the world can be an oyster for .NET developers and lots of efforts are underway to substantially increase Xamarin.Form’s potential across platforms. This article explores the possibilities for native MacOS apps through Xamarin.Forms – yup, Mac apps written in C#/XAML with no platform-specific code!

Full article HERE.


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