So Your Tech Event Needs Money?


Our developer community is pretty awesome – both in person and online. Together, developers can participate, collaborate, foster a network and learn from each other. Perhaps you are inspired to give back to the community and organize a tech event for developers.

In-person tech events for developers come in many different forms such as monthly user group meetings or meetups, annual conferences or a one-off hackathon, to name a few possibilities. The scale of the tech event varies widely based on lots of factors – number of attendees, venue, speakers and the logistics to pull it all together. In most cases, other than perhaps really small endeavors, guess what you need to run a successful tech event? Yep, cold hard cash.

To raise the necessary money for your event, you’ll likely have to go get some sponsorships. Seeking successful sponsorships can be an exercise of patience, especially without the correct strategies – are you talking to the right people about the right things? This article aims to demystify some of myths about chasing down sponsorships for tech events – the who, the why and the how.

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5 Helpful Xamarin Developer Tips


So you are building your next native cross-platform mobile app using Xamarin.Forms? Good for you! You get the benefits of a single C#/XAML codebase that targets all mobile platforms and customize the user experience on each.

The right UI toolset can also help augment your app. When you build your next Xamarin.Forms app, check out the polished controls that come bundled with Telerik UI for Xamarin. If you haven’t picked up the Telerik UI bits yet – you can always start a free trial you know. So, what’s there to lose?

As you start building your app out though, there are some very real roadblocks to overcome before your app gets functional. You need to organize your app content for optimal usage and preserve the continuity of user experience. You need to have a consistent coding strategy on a couple of fonts and minimize resource usage. Let’s get down to business – here’s my list of 5 quick developer tips on how to get around the most common roadblocks.

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The Xamarin ListView on Steroids


It’s 2017. We have been using smartphones for over 10 years now. And with time, our expectations of sophistication from mobile apps has grown exponentially. As users, we want immediate feedback, support for all gestures and impeccable performance from apps. Keep all this in mind as you build your next cross-platform mobile app with Xamarin.

As is the case, most apps need to display a list of things. And most often, the developer’s choice of user interface control is the ubiquitous ListView. Sure you can start with the vanilla ones and build features of your own – but wouldn’t you rather focus on your app’s functionality, than sweating over perfecting the ListView’s interactivity?

Call me biased, but I prefer well-engineered polished and performant UI controls out of the box – like the cross-platform Xamarin.Forms ListView that comes with Telerik UI for Xamarin. This article dives into some advanced features of the Telerik ListView and how you could implement them easily in your apps. Your users will invariably expect all this from a modern app – will you deliver?

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Flying with Xamarin and Telerik UI

Ask any developer about what code they are really proud to have written – the stories would be amazing. Maybe it is life-saving software in a healthcare system, or mission critical app in a global business or simply an open source library used freely by thousands of other developers. We software developers should take pride in our craftsmanship.

As for me, it was a WPF application – yup, I know, sounds boring. But I used to work at a private aviation company and we saw direct application of technology to aid the aviation industry.

Our application was used extensively by company dispatchers to do flight planning, tail routing and maintain operational safety. And boy – you do not want production bugs when you are flying business executives and Hollywood or sports celebrities. Glitches in our software could bring down planes and the company would probably not recover from the public relations disaster.

Sure we had some scary moments, but overall it was pride and craftsmanship in our applications that kept planes flying safely – day in and day out. I wish we had Xamarin for making cross-platform mobile apps back in those days.

This article combines two of my passions – a pure love for aviation and building connected mobile apps with Xamarin.

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