The Future of Technology – Today!

Most of us who consider ourselves to be technologists are actually quite content with present technology. We love your gadgets and are happy with the latest apps across web/mobile/desktop. Life is good, honestly.

Then, there are the outliers – folks who are just not happy with the present. They keep pushing the envelope and technology benefits the most. It’s only when we push ourselves to a change the present, does future start looking brighter.

But here’s the big problem with future – it’s not here yet. So, ideas and technology that may be commonplace in future, appear to be audacious and out of place at the moment. They can potentially be disruptive, yes, but that’s how we get to a better place. This article talks about a few bold ideas today that I believe have the potential to shape our future. Come on future – get here quickly!

Read the whole article on TDN over HERE.



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