Create a Microsoft Band App with Web Tiles!

Wearables are awesome and they are everywhere. Wearables are unique, fashionable, productive and always connected, helping us live a digitized lifestyle. But wearables can also be disruptive in the Mobile space. While developers are still grappling to go cross-platform with native or hybrid mobile apps, out come wearables from Apple, Microsoft and Google – each catering to their respective platform and each with its own development paradigm, in addition to unique UX guidelines.

If you are a fan of the Microsoft Band however, there is some reason to rejoice. Not only is the Band one of the few wearables that work cross-platform with any phone you own, it is also surprisingly easy to add custom data to your wrist as a Band application. All you need is a standard data endpoint and a little web skills if you want to get fancy. This article walks you through how to add web data to your Band through Web Tiles.

Read the whole article on TDN over HERE.



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