5 Helpful Xamarin Developer Tips


So you are building your next native cross-platform mobile app using Xamarin.Forms? Good for you! You get the benefits of a single C#/XAML codebase that targets all mobile platforms and customize the user experience on each.

The right UI toolset can also help augment your app. When you build your next Xamarin.Forms app, check out the polished controls that come bundled with Telerik UI for Xamarin. If you haven’t picked up the Telerik UI bits yet – you can always start a free trial you know. So, what’s there to lose?

As you start building your app out though, there are some very real roadblocks to overcome before your app gets functional. You need to organize your app content for optimal usage and preserve the continuity of user experience. You need to have a consistent coding strategy on a couple of fonts and minimize resource usage. Let’s get down to business – here’s my list of 5 quick developer tips on how to get around the most common roadblocks.

Full article HERE.


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