So Your Tech Event Needs Money?


Our developer community is pretty awesome – both in person and online. Together, developers can participate, collaborate, foster a network and learn from each other. Perhaps you are inspired to give back to the community and organize a tech event for developers.

In-person tech events for developers come in many different forms such as monthly user group meetings or meetups, annual conferences or a one-off hackathon, to name a few possibilities. The scale of the tech event varies widely based on lots of factors – number of attendees, venue, speakers and the logistics to pull it all together. In most cases, other than perhaps really small endeavors, guess what you need to run a successful tech event? Yep, cold hard cash.

To raise the necessary money for your event, you’ll likely have to go get some sponsorships. Seeking successful sponsorships can be an exercise of patience, especially without the correct strategies – are you talking to the right people about the right things? This article aims to demystify some of myths about chasing down sponsorships for tech events – the who, the why and the how.

Full article HERE.



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