The Xamarin Live Player Unpacked


It is 2017, and it is almost criminal to say that your app doesn’t work on a given mobile platform. This means, most mobile developers are building cross-platform apps. Xamarin has helped democratize cross-platform mobile development for .NET developers. You get world-class IDEs and tooling to build your Xamarin apps on any platform.

But deploying apps to devices remains tricky – developers often have to deal with native platform SDKs, varying OS versions and device provisioning. It’s a pain to get your cross-platform app running on your device!

At Microsoft BUILD this year they announced Xamarin Live Player, which aims to ease some of this pain of deploying apps to devices. Is it the panacea for seamless app deployments across all mobile devices?

While Xamarin Live Player may just be getting started, the promise is there for sure. This article explores Xamarin Live Player in all its glory and some fallacies. The age of easy mobile app deployments is upon us.

Full article HERE.


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