XAML Standard Demystified


Most spoken languages in the world have various dialects. And this isn’t a bad thing since it adds to the diversity and richness of the given language. Trouble crops up when language dialects become combative – refusing to co-exist and forcing one’s wishes onto another. Poor humans now have to understand multiple dialects to make sense of language in varying contexts.

This story may ring a bell for .NET developers. Yup, sounds alot like XAML development, doesn’t it? Various .NET application platforms have been speaking their own versions of XAML and developers suffer with a lack of reusability and having to learn contextual XAML dialects. There is a panacea on its way though – the XAML Standard.

Announced at Build in mid-2017, XAML Standard promises a uniform XAML vocabulary across platforms and aims to wash away developer pains through an universal specification. This article unpacks the promise and challenges facing XAML Standard.

Full article HERE.


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